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Название: До питання про правові засади державно-церковних відносин в Україні
Авторы: Кравченко, А.П.
Ключевые слова: держава
державно-церковні відносини
види державно-церковних відносин
правове регулювання
Issue Date: 2017
Краткий осмотр (реферат): У статті акцентується увага на правові відносини держави із церквою, релігійними громадами та організаціями, центральними управліннями релігійних об’єднань. Констатується, що «державно-церковні відносини» – це законодавче унормовані умови соціально-політичної діяльності, як вираження тих закономірностей, що впливають на державу і церкву в процесі їх розвитку.
The article focuses on the legal relationship between the state and the church, religious communities and organizations, central offices of religious associations. It is noted that «the state-church relationships» is legal normalized conditions of social and political activity, as an expression of the laws that affect the state and the church in their development. Socio-political, cultural and moral crisis of the state is of particular cause which raise the level of social activity of the church in the society nowadays. In addition, the social ministry of the church is not the one of the main conditions of inter congregation understanding and harmony among their church. So, today the combination of church and religious, fundamentally spiritual and philosophical, and state, legal ethno-political aspects of national creation process is one of the components of the practical implementation of the national idea aimed at building up the democratic Ukrainian state. Ukrainian Orthodox community has traditionally sought religious autonomy and independence, which echoed a similar process in the political life of the people. But only now, when the political ideal of the Ukrainian people was actually realized, the objective conditions for legal consolidation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the basis of collegiality, unity and self-government were established. However, this requires a subjective will of the Orthodox hierarchy, which, unfortunately, is not observed. It is worth establishing permanent inter-church dialogue in order to accomplish its role in life The state, since it is not about the church canon and national unity and regulation, should take part in this process as an active agent, interested in the fact that a society should be developed with the dominated peace and harmony, not war, conflicts and contradictions.
Описание: Кравченко А. П. До питання про правові засади державно-церковних відносин в Україні / А. П. Кравченко // Філософські обрії. – 2017. – № 37. – С. 156–167.
URI: http://dspace.pnpu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/7822
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