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Название: Глобалізаціні та антиглобалізаційні процеси в європейському соціально-філософському дискурсі
Авторы: Кравченко, П.А.
Мельник, А.І.
Ключевые слова: цивілізація
ноосферний підхід
Issue Date: 2017
Краткий осмотр (реферат): Лейтмотивом центрального дискурсу нинішньої епохи є кардинальний перегляд соціальних критеріїв світового розвитку і вироблення нової концепції сучасної світобудови, що зважає на інтереси всього людства. Задля виживання світу загалом, для виведення людства з глухого кута цивілізації, стратегічний вибір сучасності полягає в розробці нової моделі глобальної інтеграції та реалізації національної стратегії випереджувального розвитку. Ця модель має ґрунтуватись на ноосферному підході до інтелектуально-інноваційного поступу людства.
Every epoch has its central discourse, which defines the various forms of life and becomes the motto of the entire human civilization. More than half a century the modern civilization being influenced by many unique and unknown factors of the previous time has been getting into the era of globalization. None of the historical period when other different integration processes were introduced is not able to be compared with the scale of modern globalization. Globalization is the objective process of integration at all levels of social and economic life, which have both positive and negative aspects. An important question is about the inner essence of globalization: the globalization centers, the effects of globalization on underdeveloped countries, prospects of the development of human civilization and so on. Anti-globalization is also an objective process which is in dialectical unity with globalization and is aimed at preserving the national and cultural identity of particular peoples and nations. Importantly, the anti-globalists are not solid opponents of integration, but they require different «rules» for less developed countries as for the schemes of redistribution of capital funds and resources, representing at the same time different logics of the worldview, a different discourse. The development of consensus positions that would unite representatives of different cultures and value systems is considered to be one of the important aspects of mankind civilization. It is therefore a very important social criteria to drastically revise the global development and production of the new concept of the modern universe that respects the interests of the mankind, for the survival of the world as a whole, to show human civilization the way out of the dead end where it founds itself at the turn of the millennium. The strategic choice of current time is to develop a new model of global integration and implementation of the national strategy for advancing the intellectual and innovation. This foundation involves Noospheric approach to the processes of the development. This is the beginning of a new global noospheric – space economy of the third millennium. We concern about its essence which lies in the intellectualization and intelligent integration of national economies into a single system of labor division. Western European integration is a unique phenomenon in the world politics and economy. Thanks to its people Europe as a unit managed to solve two important problems: eliminate the material basis of armed conflicts among the states and create favorable conditions for internationalization of economic activity. Eventually, free citizens displacing, goods and capital movement within the common European space have become evidents for the logical consequence of this process.
Описание: Кравченко П. А. Глобалізаціні та антиглобалізаційні процеси в європейському соціально-філософському дискурсі / П. А. Кравченко, А. І. Мельник // Філософські обрії. – 2017. – № 37. – С. 78–99.
URI: http://dspace.pnpu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/7816
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