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Авторы: Dziuba, T.M.
Дзюба, Т.М.
Ключевые слова: intensive daily stress
occupational health
emotional burn-out
employee’s adaptive resource
гігієна праці
професійне вигорання
Issue Date: 2017
Краткий осмотр (реферат): The paper deals with the specific parameters of the influence of intensive daily stress on teacher’s occupational health. A number of significant correlation relationships among the determined parameters are analysed. Special attention is paid to the fact that the main chronic illnesses of today arise from emotional sufferings, acute and chronic stress. On the basis of the deter-mined relationships, the intensive daily stress is considered to be the specific feature of teacher’s work, which can result in emo-tional burn-out and loss of employee’s occupational health under the particular conditions. The intensive daily stress exhausts pedagogue’s adaptive resources, forming the harmful effects of professional and personal deformations (cognitive, emotional, behavioural) and negatively affecting the mood changes and professional coping-behaviour. Professional stress activates almost all human coping-strategies. However, the increase of the frequency of using passive (“escape behaviour”, “careful actions”, “acceptance”) and prosocial (“search for social support”) coping-strategies in the situation of the long-lasting intensive stress is observed. The rare use of the strategies of “healthy” active coping, intended for constructive transformation of a situation, and dominance of passive strategies lead to the professional stress with chronic character, which results in asocial behaviour, involv-ing violation of moral norms in the situations of professional communication. The determined strategies can be treated like beha-vioural factors of risk of employee’s occupational health under the conditions of the long-lasting intensive stress.
URI: http://dspace.pnpu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/7674
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