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Название: Ґенеза університету як соціокультурного феномену
Авторы: Цзоу, Ченчжан
Ключевые слова: ідея університету
дух епохи
гумбольдтівський університет
ньюменівський університет
Issue Date: 2016
Издатель: Полтавський національний педагогічний університет імені В.Г. Короленка
Краткий осмотр (реферат): У статті аналізується ґенеза університету в європейській історії. Автором доведено, що університет, аби забезпечити собі статус важливого соціокультурного феномену сучасності та не відійти на периферію процесів цивілізаційного розвитку, має сприйняти сучасний «дух епохи» та відповідний йому концепт людини, запропонувавши свою роль у сучасній соціокультурній динаміці.
The genesis of university phenomenon at the European history is analyzed at the article to demonstrate the character of transformations of university idea. This attempt would be a heuristic to justify the modern university ideas for the globalized society of XXI century. The phenomenon of the university occupies a significant place in European culture for centuries remained the focus of the achievements of human civilization. University has own long history of proving one’s ability to be the intellectual center Western civilization as well as world’s one. The current state of university researchers considered standing at alarmist positions − known authors injected into use the term “university in ruins”, “death of university” and so on. However, with the naked eye we can see that universities has almost genetically fixed ability to overcome the crisis, update university idea, while reserving special status of sociocultural phenomenon designed to find the truth. The rational combination of tradition and innovation in the formulation of university image in the twentieth century can remove the conflict between modern complex nonlinear social dynamics and a long educational tradition. The studies of history of university development in European culture standing on the methodological positions of philosophy of education can be a source of heuristic ideas using which we can deeper understanding of this phenomenon. I can help to understand what exactly provides the flexibility to the university on the face of fundamental challenges of the new era, however, preserving fundamental university tradition. The university stays the university till one deploys his life around issues real person who is a carrier of specific social, cultural, national and ethnic qualities. At the beginning of its existence universities were not “the answer” to “staff” requests medieval society. For example, to get notaries who were able to duplicate or to certify legally particular agreement was not necessarily to create the University of Bologna. The university has emerged as a consequence desire of people to high knowledge where benefit considerations play a secondary role. Cultural ascent that began at European Renaissance age led to the revival of humanistic ideals period of antiquity that led to the reform of universities: the university idea gets its humanist content and structural changes takes place. The research and training of scientists beyond the competence of universities. In the last century the multiplication of animation education systems take place. At the result the number of students and teachers increased, the network of higher educational institutions expanded and differentiated etc., and the education system received industrial features. The author demonstrates that the university has to accept the modern “spirit of the age” and the corresponding concept of Man offering one’s own role in the contemporary socio-cultural dynamics to ensure the status of important socio-cultural phenomenon of our time and not move away to the periphery of civilization development processes.
Описание: Цзоу Ч. Ґенеза університету як соціокультурного феномену / Ченчжан Цзоу // Філософські обрії. – 2016. – № 35. – С. 174–183.
URI: http://dspace.pnpu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/6514
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