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Назва: Філософія у вищому медичному навчальному закладі: реалії та перспективи
Автори: Ющенко, Ю.П.
Ключові слова: якість підготовки фахівців
вища освіта
навчальний процес
Дата публікації: 2014
Видавець: Полтавський національний педагогічний університет імені В.Г. Короленка
Короткий огляд (реферат): У статті розглядаються проблеми статусу філософії у вищому медичному навчальному закладі, обґрунтовано значення філософії у процесі світоглядного й професійного формування майбутніх лікарів, розкрито важливі аспекти її взаємодії з меди- циною.
In the article inspects the problem of the status of philosophy in higher medical educational establishment, substantiated a value of philosophy in the process of ideological and professional formation of future doctors and disclosed important aspects of its interaction with medicine. Recently in Ukrainian society a question of whether in fact there is a real need for compulsory study of some social and humanitarian subjects in high school has been widely discussed. Such disciplines include culturology, sociology, political science, philosophy, religious studies, and history of Ukraine. According to the author, nowadays, the prestige of medical profession is impossible without basic competences, extensive practical training, faithful performance of professional duties, required by medical and healthcare professions, and the appropriate level of philosophical culture. In higher medical education institutions students study philosophy as a fundamental humanitarian discipline to master the basics of the world-view culture and skills of abstract thinking, which correspond to current requirements and are necessary minimum for creative thinking, ability to critical analysis of ideas, views, opinions of independently thinking individual, a physician, citizen and scientist. The article states that the philosophy remains the only comprehensive subject that students consider unnecessary in current educational environment. Thus, the formation of positive attitude of students to study philosophy has become challenging issue nowadays. Nowadays the philosophy is becoming more democratic, tolerant to preciseness and starts to participate actively in the formation of responses to the historical “challenges” of the epoch. It is acquiring the status of thinking habits of individual of modern society, bringing it closer to an adequate understanding of complex realities of the environment it lives in. Current development of medicine advances special demands to physician’s philosophical culture. Philosophy is no longer interpreted as a secondary discipline in training of highly educated medical personnel. It is becoming a necessary component of self-determination in modern drama and complex world. Furthermore, this leads to significant update of its didactic function in the process of conceptual and professional formation of a physician of the 21st century. Physicians, who are seeking for new ways to advance medical science and improvement of their professional activities, are always feeling in need of philosophical knowledge. Conclusions. Mastering the basics of philosophical knowledge helps student to become professional expert with the ability to think widely and deeply and act independently. The philosophy promotes creative thinking, helps in the study of clinical disciplines, serves as the basis for perception of new ideas, and uses the acquired knowledge to solve the specific tasks. Consequently, new approaches and mechanisms for forming a positive attitude to the study of philosophy, as well as the need to change existing stereotypes in the society should be found in the process of training of medical students.
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://dspace.pnpu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/3596
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